Welcome to the Koops' Harry Potter Editor Wiki

Remember the good times when you first played the first and second Harry Potter games? You thought it was amazing right? The atmosphere was good the gameplay was pleasant, and the music? Well that was just epic.

Well now you can actually add more to the game yourself. Yes! I am talking about modding, like making your own levels, texture packs and models.

All of this is possible with Koops' Harry Potter Editor!!!

Koops' Harry Potter Editor in Action

This editor lets you create new levels and custom content for "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (PC)" and "Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets (PC)". Apart from making your own custom levels you can also import textures and create entire texture maps unique to your level. If you have created an epic structure you want to use in future levels you can export that structure and import it into other levels.

The editor is based on a modded version of the unreal editor, similar to that of Unreal Tournament. Here's what some of the custom maps look like in the editor:

Ed Screen 1

Custom map made with Koops' editor. Map Name:The House

For those of you who have used the unreal editor, this interface will seem very familiar to you. For those who haven't there is no need to worry because many tutorials can be found on the internet for learning how to use the editor. Links to tutorials will be placed in the decription.
This custom map was created by a user of this editor. Below are some more images of custom maps made with Koops' Harry Potter Editor:
More levels made with Koops' Harry Potter editor:
The Installer and Launcher of the Koops' Harry Potter Editor:

Koops' Harry Potter Editor Launcher Interface

The user interface of the installer is very well designed and easy to use. All it takes is a few clicks and you will be ready. The installation takes mere seconds. Apart from installing the editor this interface can also be used for launching the editor directly and launching the custom levels you've made.
It is constantly being updated and automatic update detection will let you know when a new release is avaliable.
Why use this editor?
There are very few editors for the Harry Potter games and as far as editors go, this one is the most capable editor. Beloe is a list of attributes of the editor that set it apart from others:
- It has a very pleasant and easy-to-use interface
- It contains 3D models of almost all objects in the Harry Potter games (Other editors have not achieved this)
- It is very reliable (It is the least likely of all editors to cause crashes or bugs)
- It is very compact (It has very little memory requirements)
- It is highly compatible with all Windows PC's
- It is constantly being updated unlike other editors

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